This 8-year-old Entrepreneur Launched His Own Line Of Notebooks

I’m counting my blessings today because it seems nothing wants to go right. Blessing #9287462783948476, we found an amazing school for Ayub.

A few months back the kids were tasked with learning about entrepreneurship and starting their own businesses. After a few rounds of discussions, Ayub came up with creating notebooks about insects as his business idea.

I don’t really want to get into the details of how he made them. Just wanna show you how awesome his final designs are. I didn’t even take pictures of the final final notebooks after they were bound. But whatever. #momoftheyear

Ayub created Bugging Out!

Bugging Out! specialises in creating hand-drawn, unique, and awesome products inspired by insects.

Founded in 2017 by Ayub, a kickass 8-year-old boy with a big imagination and a love of all creepy-crawlies. Ayub wants everyone to know that bugs aren’t as scary and gross as people think. In fact, they are super important and amazing to learn about!

Collect notebooks, colouring books, activity books, and more… all created by the hand and heart of Ayub!

He drew them all himself! Plus he sold an insect workbook, which was a little notebook full of puzzles and stuff, and some insect erasers.

The inside of his notebooks were filled with coloured paper because why not!

I would love to do a reprint of the books and sell them. Would you like one? RM15 per notebook? 😀

Here’s his Facebook page:

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