Ayub The Mighty Has Started A YouTube Channel


A few nights ago during dinner, Ayub got really excited to see a spider on the wall. He has always loved bugs, spiders are his favourite. He could not contain his excitement and narrated it’s existence throughout the meal. A meal that he barely touched. A mouthful here, then he’s up off his seat walking around, chatting excitedly about the spider.


Sit down and eat, Ayub.

Sits back down, still going on about the spider. Giving play-by-play commentary on the spider, despite the fact that the spider wasn’t moving at all. And he’s out of his seat again.

I just want to see the spider!

Sit down Ayub.

Back down, but with only half his butt on the chair. It’s gonna be a long dinner.

I want to take a picture of the spider!

And he’s off, searching for my phone, to take a picture of the spider.

Come back Ayub. Eat first. Then you can take a picture.

He’s back. But it’s too much. He. Must. Spider. Yes. Spider. Now.

Big sigh. From me. Do you want to shoot a YouTube video?


And the video above is the end result. Thanks for listening. This is a super short summary of actual events. #ADHDisReal


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