Ayub Sells CNY Cookies At Speech Therapy In Oasis Place

So a couple weeks ago Ayub shopped for ingredients and baked CNY cookies during speech therapy. This week, he had to bake then sell his cookies.

As usual, I’m gonna let his amazing therapist Emma do this blog post, because I’m literally Lai Z.

Ayub sells cookies – by Emma

We sold the cookies today! It is fun to see how he sells his cookies. Even more thrilling to see him set the pricing. Ayub wants to sell his cookies for RM5 per piece at the start! But thank goodness that he is open for suggestions to lower it down.

speech therapy kids autism oasis place

Ayub writing his signboard and setting the price.

speech therapy kids autism oasis place

Ayub named his brand “TAYO Cookies” and I lol because the ‘T’ looks like a penis and the ‘O’ looks like a vagina.

His maths is good and functional. And he can attend to people when they only wanted one small cookie, or two big cookies and one small cookies (combinations that are not on the menu).speech therapy kids autism oasis place

He earned RM4.50 after deducting the cost for raw ingredients. Not much but it was a fun experience indeed.

We worked on social conversation this round:

speech therapy kids autism oasis place

speech therapy kids autism oasis place

1. For ayub to introduce himself and his company- good job for this!
2. Explain his product and pricing – he still needs more colourful language to describe the cookies. But he did a good job in describing the facts.
3. To answer unexpected questions and request from people- be flexible! And he is indeed a flexible boy!

Here’s a video of Ayub in action. Using words. 🙂

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