Ayub Sends Me Chat Messages For The First Time Ever

This morning while I was at work, I received a “ping!” It was a gchat notification… from Ayub!

My boy, who has always had difficulty speaking and continues to have weekly therapy to help improve his speech. Sweet sweet Ayub, who some “experts” told me would never “get better” and always be at the same level because of his disability. My teeny weeny darling, who we worried may never learn to read or write.

He sent me chat messages from school this morning. This is HUGE.

My heart is melting and I’m welling up with tears. Ayub proves everyone wrong. He proves he’s not just his disability. He’s not just what “experts” have read about in books. He’s a living, breathing, ass-kicking little dude who’s gonna keep being him because there’s no one else he needs to be.

Keep defying the odds my sweet boy. I LOVE YOU forever!

Also, just wanna add the message that he sent me directly after that:

HAHAHAHAHA! You’re the best Ayub *kissy face*!

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Laila Zain

Laila is a working mama who married young, had two beautiful boys, went through a shitty divorce, met an amazing man, remarried, and had a beautiful girl. Her eldest boy is a rainbow baby and special needs child. Her second is ridiculously smart. Her baby is a baby.

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