Ayub Starts Rock Climbing At Camp5 For P.E. And Doesn’t Like It

Since we paused occupational therapy at Oasis Place, Mr Ninja and I have been looking around for a sport that will allow Ayub to use his whole body, thus helping him connect his brain to his body. I was thinking taekwondo or swimming. Other parents with autistic kids recommended horse riding. But then at Acton KL, the kids started rock climbing at Camp5 as part of their P.E. sessions so we just chilling and happy that it’s kinda perfect for Ayub’s needs.

Ayub is not a fan of rock climbing

From the moment he learned he was going wall climbing, he said he didn’t want to. After his first session he had to write a journal post about it so he created a mindmap. His mindmap bubbles included things like: “wear a helmet,” “wear a harness,” “wear shoes,” and “I don’t like wall climbing.”

Not sure where this apprehension came from. He’s always been the type of kid that bounced of walls. Very energetic, verging on hyper, definitely ADHD.

children camp 5 review

Small Ayub up to no good while everyone oohs and aahs over baby Sulaiman trying solid food for the first time.

Once when he was 3 years old, my mum brought him to an Islamic conference that had a children’s play zone. There was a big inflatable climbing wall. My mum turned her back for a second and Ayub was halfway up the wall.

She panicked. The staff panicked. Everyone starting trying to coax him to come down. Ayub wasn’t wearing any of the safety stuff and didn’t have ropes attached to him. He kept climbing higher. I think when he reached the top he was like yay and climbed back down again. The staff deflated the climbing wall and kept it away for the rest of the conference.

Ayub, ruining nice things since forever. Haha. Anyway.

Because I’m Asian and have already paid for the whole term of classes, he’s going to go to every class

We paid RM500.

He looks so cute in the safety gear. Right before I took this picture he was like, “I don’t like it. I don’t want to climb. I cannot. It’s so hard…”

Then he ran off to be with his friends and a few minutes later I saw him climb up the wall (directly behind him in this picture) all the way to the top.

children camp 5 review

Silly fella. When he came back down I gave him a high-five and he was like, “but I don’t like it.”

He really doesn’t like it.

Camp5 is nice I guess

This is my first time here too. See pictures.

The changing room and toilets. Ayub walked in on someone peeing in the toilet. He laughed really loud. Ayub, not the person who was peeing.

children camp 5 review

That middle wall in this picture is what Ayub climbed to the top.

children camp 5 review

Some super healthy cafe thing. One of the mums was saying they have the best quinoa organic something something. Ayub and I went to Carls Jr. after climbing.

children camp 5 review

I’m not sure why I took this picture. It’s not very impressive. They should decorate the walls with Dwayne Johnson rather than that one quote which is everywhere.

children camp 5 review

I don’t know what this place is called. Ayub likes climbing here.

children camp 5 review

The cafe/lepak area. The parents all chill here and watch their monkeys climbing up and down things.

children camp 5 review

This is Ayub climbing the big wall

Happy boy waiting for his turn.

children camp 5 review

Learning how to do something I don’t know.

children camp 5 review

Up, up, up the wall.

children camp 5 review

He stopped when he was not very high up. I asked if he was scared (because I hate heights) and he said he wasn’t scared but that his legs were tired. What’s happening to Ayub? He always saying he’s tired. And cold. Hmmm…

His little friend meanwhile was super kicking ass on the wall. Look at her with her pink leggings! I love her.

children camp 5 review

The elephant is everyone’s favourite thing

children camp 5 review

You can slide out the trunk.

children camp 5 review

children camp 5 review

children camp 5 review

Reminds me of that Ace Ventura movie where Jim Carrey gets birthed out of a rhino. I love that movie.

Camp5 Indoor Rock Climbing Gym Details:

Location: 5th floor, 1 Utama Shopping Centre

Contact: 03-77260410

Opening times:

Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri – 2pm-11pm

Wed/Sat/Sun – 10am-8pm

Admission fee:

Day pass: Adult RM36 | Youth RM16 | Kids under 8 FREE

10-day pass: Adult RM320 | Junior RM220 | Youth RM120

You also have to pay to rent gear if you don’t have your own.

Website | Facebook

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