Ayub’s new haircut

The hubby was shaving with his electric clippers outside in the front yard the other day for some reason. I didn’t ask why. He’s an anomaly. He talks a lot about nothing related to your question. Anyway, Ayub saw him and got excited and said “Daddy cut hair!” So Daddy cut Ayub’s hair. The little vain pot insisted on having it spiked and stared in the mirror for a good 20 minutes admiring himself. He’s never cared about his appearance before. So I guess it’s a sign of growth and independence and understanding of individuality. Perhaps. I don’t know. But I think he’s super handsome.
Cute face.
Happy face.
Posing-as-if-thoughtful face.
Cheeky face.
Staring-into-the-distance-with-a-half-smile face.
Incredibly handsome (oh-so-not-biased) face.

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Laila Zain

Laila is a working mama who married young, had two beautiful boys, went through a shitty divorce, met an amazing man, remarried, and had a beautiful girl. Her eldest boy is a rainbow baby and special needs child. Her second is ridiculously smart. Her baby is a baby.

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