Ayub’s new kicks

I went home after the show yesterday to see the babies and drop off my milk for Fat Fat, then had to return to the office for a meeting. Ayub grabbed his gun, sword and cup, and followed me out the door saying “yeah, car, shoes, jalan” (finally starting to string words together!) We went to work together and afterwards I brought him to One Utama for dinner and a lepak session.

Ayub hates change. Ayub hates new things. Ayub won’t wear new clothes, play with new toys or eat a different brand of chocolate. That all changed when he saw this…

Spiderman Reeboks. He saw them and his eyes filled with wonder. His exact words, punctuated by short gasps, were: Spider… Man… Shoes. He then proceeded to take his own shoes off and attempt to put on the display one. So cute. So I bought them.
Trying on his new Spiderman shoes

 Checking out his new kicks in the mirror. Ayub also HATES mirrors. What a little weirdo.

Posing like a rockstar.
I love the little spider on the back.
I love that Ayub loves Spiderman because I love Spiderman and I wish Converse had Spiderman but they only have DC and DC is poopy except for Batman but I don’t like their Batman shoe but I love Converse.
Hmm… on second thoughts the Batman one is quite cool. 

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