Baby seats and road trips.

It’s Raya Haji tomorrow. I thought of only going back to the hubby’s kampung next week to avoid the jam but he wants to be with his family, so we’re leaving tomorrow morning bright and early. Hopefully everything will go well. Sulaiman is not a fan of being stuck in his booster car seat for long periods of time. Ayub was so much easier. He would just chill in his seat everywhere we went. Mostly because he had his pacifier to keep him company. I decided not to introduce Sulaiman to a paci because the weaning process is such a hassle and incredibly stressful for both baby and myself.

Anyway, the hubby’s kampung is pretty far away, take around 3 hours to reach and we stay at a nearby hotel because there’s not enough space in the house. And by nearby I mean a 40 minute drive to the nearest town. That’s how isolated the house is. Not complaining, just explaining. Ayub is the first grandchild, but in the past 3 years 2 cousins and 1 brother have joined him, with a set of twins on the way. So his grandparents’ house is now fully equipped with baby seating and a kids bed. I love mini furniture for mini people.

On the left is Ayub at 3 months old. Yes. 3 months. Fat BEHBEH! And Sulaiman on the right at 8 months old. So adorable my little munchkins.

Long road trips are so not fun for me. And less fun for the boys. First there’s the packing. The boys change clothes at least 3 times a day and sometimes twice a night if there are ‘accidents’. Plus diapers, foldable bathtub, playpen and mattress, special pillows, blankets, toys, food, drinks, toiletries… Then there’s the journey. The entertainment. Stopping to eat. Now that Ayub is potty trained, this will be his first long distance trip without a diaper. I’m crossing my fingers that he’ll be ok. Roadside pee stops. Hopefully not. Ayub has terrible timing. The past few days we’ve been staying at my parents’ house and he gets so excited to play with his two favourite people that he won’t go to pee until he starts to ‘leak’. TMI.

Ok. Well. Tomorrow. Big day.

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