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Ayub first saw kids ride on cars when he was a fat baby, before he could walk on his own. He would push and squirm and struggle out of my arms to get closer to them and eventually stretch his fatty legs out to try and sit on the baby cars himself. So my mother bought him his first kid car on his 1st birthday. It was large and his feet couldn’t even touch the ground. Within a month he was riding it all over the house. And now, nearly 3 years later, it’s still one of his favourite modes of transportation.

I bought Ayub his first bicycle on his 3rd birthday. It’s a second-hand balance bike. Took him about 1 day to figure out how to ride it properly. He’s such a little athlete. But he’s never been able to use the pedals on his tricycle for kids that my mum bought for his eldest cousin a long time ago. He’d still push along with his feet and get bruises from the pedals hitting his ankles.

 Anyway, when we went back to the hubby’s hometown a few months ago, Ayub’s grandparents had a kid’s bike with pedals and training wheels. After an hour of practice, Ayub was a pro. I half pushed him, half pushed his feet one by one so that he’s understand what it took to cycle with pedals. Stressful for me but he finally got it and spent the rest of the trip riding up and down the house.

 I figured it was time to get him his own bike and since the hubby owns a bicycle shop I told him I’d buy a nice one from him. But the hubby refused. He thinks Ayub is still too little to ride a big boy bike. So I started looking online for bikes for kids. Cycling is such a good hobby and makes for excellent playtime for toddlers and children. Fun exercise. It’ll keep Ayub fit and active, while teaching him a little independence and fine tuning his motor skills, balance, strength and coordination. He’s such a little daredevil, he’s always looking for the roughest, toughest route to take. Jumping off pavements on to the road. 

It’s only gonna be a matter of time before I go through the whole thing again with Sulaiman, who is actually developing at a much faster rate than Ayub did. He sits on Ayub’s battered old push car and tries to move forward by jerking his body back and forth. Terrible little munchkin.

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