The Boys Get A Quick RM20 Haircut At X-Cut Tropicana City Mall

This a post about nothing. Another lazy family day over the long, long weekend.

The kids have been looking like wildlings recently. They both insist on keeping their hair long. I don’t mind but they’re such dirty, sweaty, smelly children. Chop chop. Time to go!

Brought them to X-Cut at Tropicana City Mall. It’s just RM20 for a 20min haircut. I like it. Quick and fast and easy for the boys.

Picture taim!


Ayub has always loved having his haircut, ever since he was little. It’s one of the rare times the boy has been able to sit still. I guess there’s just something therapeutic about having your hair done ­čÖé Getting is brushed, washed, cut, dried, and styled.

Yeah, I like that too. Super calming.

With his sensory issues, the end of the haircut has always been the worse for Ayub. Before the hairdresser can take off his cloak, the kid will be itching and wriggling and making things worse. He just can’t stand all the tiny hairs at his neck and back.

So the thing I love the most about X-Cut is that they have a vacuum hose that’s attached to the wall-dresser thing, that sucks up all the little cut hairs at the end.

The end of a cut is now Ayub’s favourite part because he loves having the┬ávacuum hose ┬ásuck up all the hairs on his head, neck, and shoulders. Especially when it gets stuck on his head. He’ll be laughing and giggling the whole time.

I should have taken a picture of that.



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