Bringing Kids To The Beach At Batu Ferringhi In Penang

Our usual family holidays have always been to Johor Bahru because Mr Ninja’s parents are there and it’s just fun to spend vacations in the second best city in Malaysia. (KL is obviously the best). This time, Mr Ninja insisted we go somewhere different. “For a proper holiday,” he said.

A five-day stay in Penang

The last time I went to Penang I was three years old and remember close to nothing. I think I recall the hotel and that my brother brought his gaming console and we spent most of the time playing Street Fighter. Then later that night I dreamt I was Chun Li and kicked my dad multiple times until he shouted at me. Haha.

I also remember the Snake Temple. I love the Snake Temple. At least, I love the memory that three year old me created of the Snake Temple. I wonder if it’s a horrible place. I hope it isn’t.

Anyway, we went to Penang.

Getting ready for the beach

Aisha has never been or seen a beach before so we were excited to bring her. In fact, she’s never been to a swimming pool. Little 8-month-old baby girl. Can’t crawl, can’t talk, no teeth.

I bought her a swimming suit from Mothercare, along with a cat hat.

beach holiday penang

We woke up early for hotel breakfast then went back to our room to change into our swimming gear.

Of course the boys were super excited (although their faces in these pics don’t show it):

swimming beach penang kids

swimming beach penang kids

The baby didn’t make it

Unfortunately, it was Aisha’s nap time. And after all the chaos and excitement of getting ready and squeezing her fatty lil self into that pink onesie, she passed out.

swimming beach penang kids

So I changed her back into her jammies.

The boys had a great time at the beach (and the pool)

Please take a moment to appreciate how awesome Ayub’s sandcastle is, which he built himself:

This is what I mean about high visual perception. It’s how the kid sees, thinks, and remembers. It allows him to create in 3D with ease.

Meanwhile, Sulaiman does not possess the same level of visual perception:

beach penang kids holiday

So adorable ^_^

The tiny one took a little tumble in the waves:

Family holidays by the beach in Penang are the best.

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