The Children’s Business Fair At TTDI

Ayub spent the past month working on his business, Bugging Out!, by figuring out the cost and revenue and profit and all that other boring nonsense that is incredibly important and fascinating and not.

He was part of The Children’s Business Fair at TTDI, which was super cute and fun. Plus he won an award for Best Creative Presentation. Yay!

His total revenue was around RM400? I think? He did well. Just a handful of insect notebooks left unsold.

Sulaiman worked as Ayub’s assistant and was paid RM10 at the end of the day ^_^

Ayub’s favourite design was the Halloween Ladybug. He LOVED that design, even considered keeping it for himself and not selling it.

His uncle came to his stall to purchase a notebook, and asked him for a recommendation on which design to get. Ayub gave him the Halloween Ladybug. He told him it was “so beautiful”. That’s Ayub <3 No matter what he always puts the happiness of others before his own. My sweet boy.

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