Daddy and his babies

Daddy loves to kacau and kiss his babies. They don’t like it so much. As in, not at all.

Smile! Sulaiman Sulaiman! Smile!
“no kissing Daddy…”
“Noooo… kissssssssing…”
“I said NO!”

Anyhoo, I was trying to capture a super cute moment, but this happened:

“No, baby Shlyman dowan. DOWAN MAMA!”

Ayub’s first photobomb. So proud.

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Laila Zain

Laila is a working mama who married young, had two beautiful boys, went through a shitty divorce, met an amazing man, remarried, and had a beautiful girl. Her eldest boy is a rainbow baby and special needs child. Her second is ridiculously smart. Her baby is a baby.

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