All-Day Breakfast, Salted Eggs Baonedict And More At Departure Lounge In Uptown

Departure Lounge at Damansara Utama aka Uptown is my go-to lunch spot during weekdays. It’s simple, yummy, and provides all-day breakfast. How can anyone ever say no to all-day breakfast?!

departure lounge uptown damansara review

They specialise in breakfast, brunch, and coffee. Personally, I haven’t tried their coffee yet, but it smells divine every time they make a brew while I’m there. Mmmmmm… coffeeeeee…

The Food

Their main attraction (for me) is the build-your-own breakfast option.

departure lounge uptown damansara review

I usually get 5-items: White bread, beef bacon, turkey bacon, fried eggs, hashbrown, fresh button mushrooms. But their upgraded french toast is super yummy too.

They recently changed their menu, I believe they improve on it quite consistently so it’s really nice to keep going and try new things.

Here’s their menu:

departure lounge uptown damansara review

departure lounge uptown damansara review

departure lounge uptown damansara review

Today I decided to try something different, instead of my usual do-it-my-way breakfast platter. I ordered the Salted Egg Yolk Baonedict. Why is it called baonedict and not benedict? Because it’s on a bao. Mmmmmm… BAO!

Ok, story time. Prior to lunch, our head of video production gave me some pointers on how to take really nice food pictures. He said, always super close up and at a 45 degree angle. So check out this gorgeous pic of my Salted Egg Yold Baonedict:

departure lounge uptown damansara review

Lol just kidding.

departure lounge uptown damansara review

departure lounge uptown damansara review

Two perfectly poached eggs on top of crispy fried chicken and fresh, shredded cucumber, sitting on top of a fried bao. With a good helping of salad on the side.

Gowri had a sandwich:

departure lounge uptown damansara review

Looks so sad but she said it was good.

I once just wanted a snack so I ordered their fries, which are supposedly mixed with garlic aioli and crispy turkey bacon. It was the saddest snack I have ever eated. It was just a small pile of fries with very little flavour and maybe 5 specks of turkey bacon. Plus, it cost like RM12. NEVER. AGAIN.

Otherwise I’ve always been happy with the food.

FOOD: 4.5/5

The Ambiance

The theme of the restaurant is travel, I assume? Your last meal in the Departure Lounge before your great, next adventure. They recently revamped the inside and it looks much classier and cuter than before. It’s a nice chill-out place. Not particularly kid-friendly, I wouldn’t bring my children here. It’s very adult. Basically, it’s awesome.


departure lounge uptown damansara review

The Service

The service is fast, the staff are nice. Water and condiments are all self-service, which I love. I can pile on the mustard to my heart’s content.


Final Thoughts

It’s a nice brunch place if you’re into nice brunch places. A bit pricey. Not an everyday place to eat at. I mean, I need my asian spices. Western food is just so… so-so.

departure lounge uptown damansara review

I feel like having breakfast for dinner now.




Departure Lounge Details

Location: 10 Jalan SS 21/39 Damansara Utama

Opening hours: 8 am -10 pm | Monday – Sunday


You can find out more about Departure Lounge at their Facebook page.

Departure Lounge Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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