Eating Crispy BBQ Silkworms From Bangkok

The hubby bubby, Mr Ninja, went to Bangkok for work. I asked him to buy me fried crickets because I’ve never tried and they look yummy. Mr Ninja is scared of all creepy crawlies. But because he loves me, he went to look for them anyway.

He said he felt like puking. So dramatic.

He couldn’t find crickets, but he found silkworms instead! Waaaaaah…

eating silkworms worms bangkok

I wasn’t expecting nicely packaged worms. The last time a colleague brought creepy crawly munchies from overseas they were in an open plastic bag like the ones you put fresh vegetables in at the supermarket. But these were so niceeeeee!!!

Look at that cute little happy worm mascot in the chef’s hat frying his family to death! OMG!

eating silkworms worms bangkok

When I opened the packet I did feel a bit squeamish. I mean, look at those fatty little worms! But I ate them anyway. They taste like broad beans. But the texture is more… crumbly?

eating silkworms worms bangkok

Sulaiman ate one like ohm nom nom. Then I told him it was a worm and he was like :O He ate the next one slowly. Then finished a pack by himself.

Ayub wasn’t interested until I told him it was a worm, then he ate a few and laughed.

Aisha didn’t give a crap what it was, she munched on a lot. And spat out a lot too. Strange child.

Mr Ninja still refuses to try one. He says it looks disgusting. It’s super yums. I mean, it just tastes like the BBQ seasoning. Crunchy on the outside, crumbly on the inside. I WANT MORE!

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