Eating Crispy Small Crickets From Bangkok

The super sweet Mr Ninja is back from Bangkok after forever and he found my crickets! Wuuuuuuu! Previously they were sold out at the local Tesco so he came home with crispy silkworms instead. They were powdery, nutty, and BBQ flavoured.

I finally got my fried crickets:

eating crispy crickets bangkok thailand

Look at the happy nerdy crickets putting soy sauce over his family members for my pleasure! So cute.

Mr Ninja arrived home past 11pm and was super excited to show me all the cute things he bought for the kids and me <3

Matching mommy-daughter elephant-print pants for me and Aisha, t-shirts for the boys, a tiny dress for Aisha, a skull bag for me, an iced coffee cup, and crickets! We were whispering in glow of Aisha’s night light while she slept across out bed. I opened the bag of crickets and was like, “Oh hey, they don’t even look like crickets.” Then I ate them all.

The next day, I opened another packet in the daylight and yes they definitely look like crickets.

crispy small crickets bangkok thailand

Aisha put her little hand in and popped one in the her mouth. “Amm amm!” she said. A short while later she took my hand and spat out chewed up cricket. It’s too crunchy and hard for her to eat.

crispy small crickets bangkok thailand

Some of them are quite fat with head, legs, and wings still intact. They’re delicious. Like fried ikan bilis. Salty and crispy. I love them.

crispy small crickets bangkok thailand

My budding entomologist, Ayub, thinks eating crickets is hilarious. He gobbled down several handfuls. Sulaiman was not into it at all. He had his oh-hell-no face on the whole time. MORE FOR ME SUCKER!


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