My Entry For The IKEA Photo Competition For Dads And Kids

So, IKEA is having a photo competition celebrating fathers and I am so super gung-ho about it that I made Mr Ninja and Aisha pose for a photo shoot that same night.

All our furniture is IKEA. Everything is cheap and convenient and easy and cute. So I didn’t even need to put in any effort to make the shoot more IKEA-y. We literally could have shot in any room of our house and it would showcase IKEA.

Aisha’s toddler bed is next to our queen. Although she rarely sleeps in it. Mostly Mr Ninja sleeps on the toddler bed, while Aisha and I enjoy the queen bed. Hahahaha. Loser.


ikea photo contest dads kids

Aisha signing ‘Twinkle Star’

ikea photo contest dads kids

Hahahaha Ayah is so funneeee.

ikea photo contest dads kids

Heeheehee Ayah is still so funneeeee.

ikea photo contest dads kids

This one is my favourite.

Be still my heart! SO CUTE RIGHT? I am very biased, shut up.

Anyhoo, the contest ends this Friday so I told Mr Ninja to go post his entry on the IKEA Photo Contest Facebook page and he was like no. He shy. So annoying human man.

So because he’s too shy to enter the contest and post one picture on Facebook, I’m blogging about all the pictures and sharing this post on Facebook. Muhahahaha.

This is what fatherhood really looks like

The pictures above candid but both Aisha and Mr Ninja were well-aware of me taking photos and trying to get Aisha to smile and laugh. These pics, however, are super candid shots of what it means to be a dad. Hahahaha.

ikea photo contest dads kids

ikea photo contest dads kids

ikea photo contest dads kids

Had to squiggle Mr Ninja’s sexy legs out because his sexy little boxers are too sexy and too little.

I first bought that IKEA toddler bed when Ayub was 1 year old. It was then passed down to Sulaiman. Now Aisha has it. After close to 8 years and 3 kids, nobody has slept in that tiny bed more often than Mr Ninja. He the real MVP.

ikea photo contest dads kids

i lubb u bb.

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