Flyalympalympalics – Being Late & Random Facebook Friend Requesting

Quick one coz this is like my 16th post today. Mangkuk betul. I love the word mangkuk. It’s so cute and stupid like me. Haha. Mangkuk. See? Can use it for everything.

Yesterday was the second leg of the Flyalympalympalics. The first event was stop and staring that was played last week. This time it was Random Facebook Friend Requesting: 30 minutes to get the most number of new friends on Facebook. Pretty straight-forward. Rules were that you could create a new account or use an existing. Captains were encouraged to help in any way and every way they could think of.

I meant to take more pictures. But I didn’t. I think I was in a pissy mood for some reason. Oh yeah… someone was annoying me. I wanted to karate chop that person on the head.

Anyhoo, it was a double event, though the contestants didn’t know about it. The first event was actually Being Late – as Malaysian as it gets. Team Prem took the gold for that because Iqbal came 20 minutes late.

Being Late:
GOLD – Team Prem
SILVER – Team Hafiz
BRONZE – Team Ben

Random Facebook Friend Requesting:
GOLD – Team Hafiz
SILVER – Team Ben
BRONZE – Team Prem

Point Standings after three events:
Team HAFIZ – 10 pts
Team Prem – 7 pts
Team Ben – 7 pts
Team Phat Fabes – 6 pts

Oh I forgot to mention, the team that wins overall receives RM2000. Goddamn.

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