FlyFM Office Dares (day 1)

It all began last week when Sharizal Md Sidek a.k.a. @tehtarikmemoirs challenged the Pagi Rock Crew to complete as many office dares as possible. The original list was too lame to challenge the shamelessness of the boys. So we created a new one with the help of listeners.

We told people to do a dare and upload the video then share the link with us. But people are too scared. Someone wrote “my office is no laughing matter”. Really? Well fuck, sucks to be you. That’s a damn shitty place to work everyday if you can’t have fun and laugh. Top scorer gets to be a DJ with the Pagi Rock Crew.

Here’s the list:

1 point dares
·         Leave your zipper down for an hour and if anyone points it out tell them you like it that way
·         Dress up as ninja and carry broom around the office
·         Throw balls of paper at your colleagues then act dunno
·         Call colleagues and request your own extension
·         Do a cartwheel in the middle of the office
·         Plan a surprise party for a colleague at his cublicle
·         Brush your teeth in the middle of the office
·         Hide your colleague’s chair
·         Kneel in front of the water cooler and drink directly from the nozzle when people are around
·         Start a conversation with a colleague and when they start to speak, cover your ears with your hands and look disgusted
3 point dares
·         Shirtless for 2 hours ( amalina @heyheyamalina)
·         Photocopy your face and email it to the whole office
·         Follow one person around the office singing and playing the guitar everywhere he/she goes for 15 minutes
·         Shout at 5 colleagues ‘you’re fired!’ (5 points if it’s a boss)
·         Serve everyone coffee but add salt instead of sugar (Muhammad Ariff @ariffano)
·         Slap 10 colleagues on the butt when they walk past you
·         Walk into a quiet office while everyone is working, blast party music and start dancing (Aizul Affendy)
·         Make a fart sound in the elevator and say “sorry didn’t see you there” then do an evil laugh (Syazana Zafirah)
·         Walk into a busy office and turn the lights on and off ten times
·         Hang some toilet paper out the back of your trousers and look surprised when someone points it out, but don’t remove it
5 point dares
·         Park in your boss’ parking spot for the whole day (azim)
·         Gangnam style to and from the toilet every time you need to go ( yaya)
·         Sprint race in high heels (zul)
·         Pole dance using main door (Josh @khaos99)
·         Compliment Seelan then kiss him on the cheeks and walk off saying “ohhh yesss!” (Siddiq @malausid)
·         Go on air naked (Khalid @khalidshamsudin)
·         In the lift, stand super close to the lift opening and scream whenever the lift stops to let people in (CY @cywong_)
·         Photocopy your butt and email it to the whole office
·         Pole dance around the kakak cleaner
·         Change your boss’ desktop picture to a pic of yourself
·         Run into the busiest department and say “Troll! In the dungeon!!” then pretend to faint (10 points if ambush an important meeting that the boss is attending)
·         Go into your boss’ office and give him an agry stare for 5 minutes without saying anything then walk off (Trinity Blood)
10 point dares
·         Run around the office with shirt on head, underwear as outer-wear, and shouting “Seb is the BEST!!” (Sebastian)
·         Toilet paper your boss’ car (celeste)
·         Sneak up to any celebrity during their tv show and yell “Boooooo!” (EJ @ej8312)
·         Flirt with your boss’ wife (najibsaahari @dropdeadbrain)
·         If you’re a man, go into ladies’ toilet when people are in it, apply makeup and catwalk out  (Esther @loveless8993)
·         If you’re a woman, go into the men’s toilet, stand at a urinal for 30 seconds, wash your hands and leave
·         Dress like makcik, heels, lipstick, handbag, membebel around the office  (@faliqfadzil)
·         Slap your boss (@waves_online)
 And here are the vids from Day 1:

 Compliment Seelan then kiss him on the cheeks and walk off saying “ohhh yesss!” (Siddiq @malausid) – 5points

     Pole dance around the kakak cleaner – 5 points
 Do a cartwheel in the middle of the office – 1 point

 Shout at 5 colleagues ‘you’re fired!’- 3 points

  Photocopy your face and email it to the whole office – 3 points

Pole dance using main door (Josh @khaos99) – 5 points

  Hide your colleague’s chair – 1 point

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