Fruit Sushi And Cheesy Pizza Bread At Kids’ Cookout

Ayub has been learning about the science behind cooking this sprint at school. He’s been cooking nearly every week and doing science experiments in school. His homework was making his spaghetti aglio olio and milo mug cake.

Today was his final presentation. The kids were split into three teams and had a cookout in the school garden, followed by group presentations explaining the science behind their food.

Ayub’s job was to greet people at the door <3

school cookout malaysia acton kl

The cookout in the garden

After the opening ceremony, the kids went to their stations to start creating their scrumptious dishes.

Acton KL is a child-led school that allows the kids to organize themselves and find their own path (with guidance.) It’s pretty amazing. It also mean that there was a lot of faffing about and not much happening at the beginning.

school cookout malaysia acton kl

Eventually stuff started happening.

Ayub’s team made fruit sushi, known as frushi, and this super awesome crazy delicious cheesy pizza bread. It was Ayub’s teammate who came up with the frushi recipe using sweet sticky rice and fresh fruits. I’m just putting pics of Ayub doing stuff because he’s my kid, but it was his teammates that came up with the recipes and did most of the execution. Ayub was a sous-chef.

school cookout malaysia acton kl

Pressing the rice down on the mat to make a frushi roll.

school cookout malaysia acton kl

Peeling a kiwi. Scared the shit out of me to watch him do this. “Watch your– FINGERSSSS!!!”

school cookout malaysia acton kl

The first attempt at a frushi roll turned out unsuccessful. Amazing that the kids were able to pivot and change direction with their dish.


school cookout malaysia acton kl

Crushing garlic to make garlic butter for the cheesy pizza bread.

Everything was going pretty well. It had been overcast the whole morning. It had drizzled little. Ayub held his arms straight up and exclaimed, “Hey guys! It stopped raining!!!”

And then it started raining.

My favourite dish of the day

I didn’t get to try all the food and everything looked fantastic. But the best thing I tasted was the cheesy pizza bread. OMG it was soooooo goooooood. Dude, you have no idea.

cheesy pizza bread

A beautiful girl named N baked the bread herself the day before.

cheesy pizza bread

She sliced it (not all the way!) and stuffed it with garlic butter, pasta sauce, beef pepperoni, cilantro, and cheese.

cheesy pizza bread

Baked it in the oven and resulted in the most divine bread creation I have ever had.

The pictures don’t do it justice! It was so good.

All the food that the kids cooked themselves

acton kl kids cookout malaysia

Marshmallow fudge

acton kl kids cookout malaysia

Pesto salad boats on rozelle agar-agar

acton kl kids cookout malaysia

Butter beer

acton kl kids cookout malaysia


acton kl kids cookout malaysia

Carbonara parpadelle pasta with turkey ham

acton kl kids cookout malaysia

Pineapple fried rice

acton kl kids cookout malaysia

The full spread!

acton kl kids cookout

Me wishing the presentations and judging would go faster so I can start eating already.

Blown away again by the kids’ science presentations

From talking about the periodic table to the chemical reactions that cause carbonated drinks to fizz, how our taste buds work to the components of an atom, the children of Acton KL once again blew my away. I was all oooooh! and aaaaaah! and wowwwww!

I can’t believe they’re only 6-10 years old and talking about chemistry like it’s no big deal. Love them all to bits.

acton kl kids cookout

Ayub didn’t have his own recipe 🙁

I was a little disappointed in Ayub for not coming up with a recipe of his own to create during the cookout. Most of the teams had 3-4 recipes with each team member pitching an idea and executing it. Mr Ninja said, “It’s ok. That’s Ayub. He’s special.” He is special but still… being special shouldn’t be holding him back. You know?

Anyway, I asked him why he didn’t come up with a recipe himself and he answered, “I don’t know.” Then he looked upset. And then I felt bad.

I am assuming that he didn’t fully understand what they were doing and so didn’t really do anything. He’s also been really distracted at school this whole sprint so… I don’t know either. I don’t know.

You know nothing, Jon Snow.


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