How I Broke My Washing Machine And Didn’t Learn From My Mistake

A couple months back we went back to the hubby’s hometown for a week. My memory is really hazy. I think it may have been the week we had our wedding reception.

Anyway, we brought back a crapload of laundry. Overly ambitious or incredibly lazy, I stuffed everything into the washing machine.

At exactly 7 minutes left of the wash the machine beeped in immense pain. Error messages flashed across the tiny screen.

It couldn’t complete its spin-dry.

I tried to wash it again.

7 minutes to completion and the same thing happened.

So I unloaded the load and tried to hang it up to dry.

It was dripping wet.

Side note: I hang the clothes to dry indoors because we live in a small condo that has no backyard. Or front yard. Or any kind of yard to speak of.

Water dripped through the condo. The youngest ninja slipped and fell on his little butt twice. Poor little ninja.

It got worse…

I tried to re-wash the clothes in a smaller batch. But the damage was done. The machine had died. Just couldn’t spin-dry to save its life.

The hubby went to a laundromat the next day to rewash the clothes, and continued to do so until we had some guy come and fix the machine.

On another side note, my memory of this event has just kicked in and I realize now that the day the hubby came back from the laundromat was the day I found out my sister had passed away following complications from her birth.

Anyhoo. The machine was fixed.

Fast-forward to today and I’ve been having a terrible housewife week.

Ridiculously lazy and unproductive.

So this morning I piled a huge load of laundry into the machine (a load that should have been washed over the last three days but wasn’t – this is the part where I obviously didn’t learn my lesson from the last time and acted like a dumbass). After 45 minutes the machine beeped at me. I opened the door to find the clothes in a heaping mass of suds and dripping with water.

It was just too stuffed for the machine to spin-dry properly.

What a bloody waste of time. I felt so dumb. And pissy. What am I doing? Why didn’t I just wash the clothes last night like I usually do?

I feel myself slipping. And it sucks.


I had to end up re-washing the clothes in two separate washes so the machine could spin properly.

Total time spent doing laundry: 3 x 45 mins

Such genius.

At least it didn’t break this time.

Final side note: Don’t buy anything made by Haier. Possibly the worst brand ever. According to the guy that fixed my washing machine.¬†

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