I’m going bald.

During pregnancy, estrogen levels are at a high, and one of the awesome side effects of that is that hair doesn’t fall out. I enjoyed over a year of long, thick, gorgeous hair and now, three months after giving birth to Sulaiman, I am balding. Poop. Yes, I’m being over-dramatic. But really, clumps of hair are dropping, even when I’m just running my fingers through it. Pretty depressing. Not complaining. It happens. According to my research, it will go back to pre-pregnancy normalcy when Sulaiman turns 1. Nine more months of malting it is then…


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Laila Zain

Laila is a working mama who married young, had two beautiful boys, went through a shitty divorce, met an amazing man, remarried, and had a beautiful girl. Her eldest boy is a rainbow baby and special needs child. Her second is ridiculously smart. Her baby is a baby.

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