Mama’s Review – KL Bird Park

We first brought Ayub to the KL Bird Park when he was a little 1 year old toddler. I’m not a fan of seeing birds in cages, but the bird park is done so well; ample space, and the animals all look healthy, happy and well-cared for. So a few weeks ago I brought him there again and though he had a greater appreciation for the birds, he mostly spent his time running up and down the park, which is huge.

Some birds, such as peacocks, are free to roam around the grounds
There is a spot where you can have your picture taken with various birds
(RM30 with your own camera, RM50 with theirs)

The park is divided into different parts according to the birds that are housed there. The parrots, for example, are in an open-air aviary and are very friendly. If they like you, or think you have food, they’ll just fly over and sit on your shoulder.

The waterfall area had ducks, geese and flamingos


A big playground suitable for little and big kids is inside the park too

There is some food available in the park itself, but mostly just snacks and ice cream. And it is incredibly overpriced. But the staff seem to turn a blind eye to outside food and drink being brought in, which is great when you have a toddler!

In the nursery, looking at chicks and ducklings
At the entrance of the park

Fish food are available to purchase for the koi and bird seed for the various birds. At the ostrich enclosure, there are green vegetables stacked neatly for you to feed the ostriches if you want to. 
Admission fee: 
Adults – RM20 (with Jusco card RM15)
Children (3-10yrs) – RM10
It’s worth it. We walked around for about 3 hours, then had lunch at the Hornbill Cafe (tasty, big portions, but expensive). There’s a lot to see, including bird shows at certain hours. Ayub loves it, and was thoroughly exhausted by the end. 
The KL Bird Park is definitely my favorite destination for a day trip in the city. I’ve been there twice already, and am looking forward to bringing the new baby when he arrives!

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