myBurgerLab’s Nasi Lemak Burger Is The Best Nasi Lemak Burger And It Doesn’t Need Rice

This is a super late post but I just wanted to say that I tried different nasi lemak burgers when the craze was viral and myBurgerLab’s nasi lemak burger was far superior. There is no contest. NONE WHATSOEVER.

McDonald’s Nasi Lemak Burger

The Singaporean burger that started it all. I actually never tried it. But my Mama-in-law sent me pictures and videos of her eating it because she’s adorable and I thought, wow, that doesn’t look good at all. Hahahaha.

The Agak-Agak x Riuh Nasi Lemak Burger

riuh in the city bangsar

We ate this when we went to RIUH in Bangsar.

It was basically really yummy nasi lemak shoved between two burger buns. They prided themselves for putting actual rice in there. If I wanted to eat actual nasi lemak with the rice, I would just eat nasi lemak. Why would I order a burger?!

I give them 10 for flavour and 0 for creativity. In the end, we just removed the buns and ate the nasi lemak like regular nasi lemak. It wasn’t bad. It was just… so lazy.

Making nasi lemak and stuffing it between a burger bun does not a nasi lemak burger make.

Seismik Makan’s Nasi Lemak Burger

KetoJules made this burger. It is very not keto. Instead of burger buns, she freakin made nasi lemak pulut buns. I think I ate a whole nasi lemak bun by myself. It was yummy. I felt incredibly fat afterwards. Fatter than usual I suppose.

ONE HUNDRED MILLION POINTS FOR CREATIVITY! Of course I’m biased, I never said I wasn’t.

Bowery Kitchen & Bar’s Nasi Lemak Burger

bowery nasi lemak burger malaysia

A noisy little Possum showed up to the office with this burger from Bowery. It was demolished and devoured upon arrival. I remember nothing about it. It looks nice though. Except for the nuts. No to nuts.

myBurgerLab’s Nasi Lemak Ayam Rendang Burger

myburgerlab nasi lemak ayam rendang burger viral review

My pictures seriously don’t do this burger justice. It was soooooo delicious. And not just delicious but when you bite into it, you’re just like O.O it’s a party in your mouth. You get that crunch of the chicken with all the rendang spices, the sour pickle of the cucumbers, that hint of peanut butter, the spicy sweet sambal, the oozing yellow yolk…


Legit nasi lemak BURGER. Not just nasi lemak in a burger. I love you myBurgerLab. Notice me.

myburgerlab nasi lemak ayam rendang burger viral review

Here. Look at all the ridiculous stuff in this burger:

myburgerlab nasi lemak ayam rendang burger viral review

It all works. It’s SO GOOD. I am salivating just thinking about it. Go to this page¬†for burger updates.

I saw the other day that Burger King has a nasi lemak burger now. Guys. So sad. Just stop. It’s been so long. Nobody cares anymore. You’re too slow. Just like this post.

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