Sharone Hakman from Masterchef US

 Sharone Hakman, the finalist from Masterchef US season 1, was on a tour of Asia to promote the franchise and the third season which premiered last Sunday. He is crazy sexy. And talks a lot. And was not impressed with me.

 We decided to put him to a test and make him cook us breakfast in the studio. Sharone said I gave him the worst mystery box ever and it looked like the contents of a homeless person’s bag. Haha. It wasn’t THAT bad mmmkay?

 I packed ingredients that the typical Malaysian would have in their fridge: cereal, milk, oil, bagels, sausages, crappy cheese, cili padi and durian.

Sharone staring at the ingredients. He looked up at me and said “Laila, you’re killing me. It’s too early for this…” 🙂 He had gotten sick from Jakarta so he couldn’t handle the durian which is great coz I got to bring it home and devour it myself. Haha.

 I think it took him 5 minutes to make cereal crusted french toast with sausages. It was gooooooooood.

It tastes better than it looks. Really. And given the time he was given, it was aaaaaright.

Ohmnomnomnomnomnom! AAAAAAHNOMNOMNOMNNOM!!

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