Sick Babies

Sulaiman and Ayub are both sick. Fever, cough, runny nose. Sulaiman’s phlegm made him vomit twice today. However, they don’t seem to have noticed anything. Still energetic little balls of mischief. Spent the evening taking turns screaming at each other. Then fighting one another over who gets to be cuddled by me. Ended in a lot of tears and me carrying both boys at the same time all over the house, rocking and kissing and cooing.

If I didn’t have kids, my wallet would be full, my house would be clean and my time would be free… But my heart would be empty.

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Laila Zain

Laila is a working mama who married young, had two beautiful boys, went through a shitty divorce, met an amazing man, remarried, and had a beautiful girl. Her eldest boy is a rainbow baby and special needs child. Her second is ridiculously smart. Her baby is a baby.

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