Super Kampung Style feedback

Aziz M. Osman tweeted about us 🙂

It’s been 3 days since we released Super Kampung Style and feedback has pretty much been positive. The video surpassed the half million mark last night, we are on our way to 1 million views 🙂

MSN Malaysia featured the video

It was featured on tv9 news, shared by OneFM, HotFM, TV3, tonton and more on both Facebook and Twitter. Will be featured on Nasi Lemak Kopi O on Saturday morning with Hunny Madu and AG Hotfm presenting. Haha. It’s all good. Check out what happened yesterday:

Astro Hitz whassup? Hahahahahaha. I dunno if it was a mistake on their part, but it’s damn bloody funny to me. Especially awesome that they have more likes on their page than us. So they reached more people. Haha. Hahahahaha. AAAAAAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAA. I liked and commented. Emir Tarmizi, the dude that liked the vid, is the fly fm web designer. Lol.

Anyhoo, next time I decide to do a parody, I’m gonna ban Hafiz and Hunny from being featured. People have issues with them being Malay and having silly fun in videos apparently. So, I’m just not gonna let them be in anything ever again, save myself the stress and heartache. All these haters, calling themselves Muslims, using the name of God to condemn fellow Muslims, judging, complaining, throwing around words like heaven, hell, retribution and judgement day… Do you not see the contradiction in your comments? A real Muslim doesn’t judge, doesn’t condemn, doesn’t talk bad or gossip about others, especially people they have never and will never meet. And most of all. The mostest of the mostest of all… You call yourself a pious person and a good Muslim, then why the fuck are you on YouTube watching music videos, plus parodies that you KNOW are based on K-pop. I’m sure you watched the PSY original Gangnam Style. You approve of that? That’s ok? The scantily clad girls dancing provocatively are alright? But our version is not. Right. Narrow-minded, ignorant, stupid-ass dumbfucks.

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