Surprise birthday party nonsense

I received this in my email a few weeks ago. It made me lol. The first thing I wanted to do was show Prem. But I couldn’t. Hafiz was put in charge of inviting people via Facebook. He didn’t do a very good job. He forgot Jo. Jo got upset about it. She’s always getting left out. So am I. I relate. We are the leftouters 🙁 Rejected.

Go eat at Dirty Nelly’s. It’s Prem and Phat Fabes’ restaurant. I heard it’s awesome. Ohmnomnom. I’ve been planning to open a new place. I asked Hafiz to be my business partner. But he says he only wants to eat there not work there. Bum. Imma ask Ben. Ben loves money. And he loves me. So it will be perfect. As long as I get to make all the decisions.

I got a new phone on Monday. From Ben. All my phones for the past 3 years have come from Ben. I bought his wife’s iphone after my iphone died. Then he sold me his Xperia Arc because he said it was better. And on Monday he gave me a phone for free. It’s an HTC. It’s awesome. It has a 3D camera. I have been taking random pictures of everything just to ooooooooooohhhh at the 3D awesomeness.

I am blabbering about nothing because today is a big day and I need to go back to the house to pick up stuff before meeting someone important who cannot be named yet at this blog.


By the way, Prem is having a really bad day because he did everything right and told the truth and now people are taking advantage of him. Poor Prem. I feel for you. Those people are wrong. I am on your side.

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