The Hello Challenge with the Pagi Rock Crew

Monday was World Hello Day. Apparently it’s been going on for years and lots of countries are into it. Basically you’re supposed to say ‘hello’ to 10 strangers in an act of goodwill. I thought it was meh.

Anyway, Prem got really excited about it and wanted to celebrate it. But, of course, instead of doing something nice like saying ‘hello’ to 10 strangers, he wanted to do something annoying like saying nothing but ‘hello’ as many times as possible to one person. And the chosen victims were the parents of the PRC.

Nadia pranked Hafiz’s dad and was terrified. She chickened out and couldn’t speak properly, not even to say ‘hello’. Poor thing. I sympathize. We at Pagi Rock are all scared of Hafiz’s dad, Uncle Hatim.

Here’s Prem’s call to Nadia’s mum:

The poor lady was so freaked out because she heard that foreigners were stealing phone numbers and she thought she was in a scam. She started pressing buttons on her phone midway because someone told her that was the way to block the person from stealing your phone number (???)

Finally, Hafiz pranked Prem’s mum. It’s the best one. Mostly because Prem’s mum is awesome:

Hafiz is doing his semi-Hameed the Frog voice. He is genius. I laugh. A lot.


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