Toddler’s Top Picks – Carbs

My 2 year old son, Ayub, is the epitome of a picky eater; not only is he fussy about what is on his plate, but he will also refuse anything that is served on a plate not to his liking! Added to that, his active little body can never quite sit still long enough to swallow more than three spoonfuls and he’s off again on some adventure. Despite the many recipes and tips I’ve tried from various sources, all it takes is a simple “eee yuck, no.” And that’s the end of meal time.
 Ever the over-dramatic Ayub had 4 spoonfuls of chicken and rice and he was done.
However, I have composed a list of tried and tested carbs that Ayub has approved. And I think if my munchkin likes it, yours might too.
1. Noodles
By far Ayub’s number one choice of food, noodles in any form will get him to sit down quietly and eat until he’s full or distracted by a shiny object. Ayub’s noodle preferences include: kueh teow, mee hoon, and yellow mee, either Cantonese fried or in soup, occasionally fried as long as the noodles retain their original colour.
Ayub’s top pick for a noodle restaurant is Chicken Rice Shop (dry BBQ Chicken Wanton Noodle)
2. White Rice / Fried Rice
Given the choice, Ayub would pick plain white rice over fried anyday, but as it lacks in the nutritional value that can be found in fried rice, I tend to opt for fried. I keep it simple at home with carrots and peas. 
Ayub’s top pick for a fried rice restaurant is Nandos (Mediterranean Rice)

3. Pasta

Ayub used to want to eat pasta at least 5 times a week and could finish a big bowl on his own. Of course, his pasta is plain with only a little salt and olive oil. Anything added, such as a sauce, and it would be left untouched, with the exception of his top restaurant pick…

Ayub’s top pick for a pasta restaurant is Kenny Rogers Roasters (Mac & Cheese)

4. Waffles & Pancakes

A relatively new addition to his diet, Ayub has embraced waffles and pancakes for breakfast and occasionally as his tea-time snack after nursery. Either plain or with butter and a drizzle of  honey, he can eat the portion of an adult on a ‘good eating day’. On extra fussy days I slather the pancakes with some Nutella and peanut butter or add chocolate chips to the waffles.

Ayub’s top pick for pancake/waffle restaurant is McDonalds or the Alamanda foodcourt (I forget the name of the kiosk…)

Well, that wraps up his carb list. Additionals include plain steamed pau and chocolate buns 🙂

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