What Happens When A Baby Doesn’t Gain Weight After A Month

Aisha just had her 6-month check-up and vaccination jab. She only gained 100grams in 6 weeks. Yeah, we missed her 6-month appointment and brought her two weeks later. So that’s 6 weeks since her last weigh-in. And she only gained 100grams.

Worrying. Worrying. Why didn’t she gain weight?

1. The worse flu she’s had yet

Aisha¬†was terribly sick a couple weeks back. Phlegm in her lungs, couldn’t breathe, so couldn’t drink milk and didn’t want to touch solids at all. Her¬†fever lasted 5 days. Two trips to the doctor and a session with the nebulizer. Meds and meds and nasal sprays and cuddles and kisses.

This is the second time she’s ever fallen sick. And it was a big one. Poor little baby.

I read somewhere that kids need to fall sick 200 times before they achieve the immune system of an adult. I don’t remember the source nor do I know if it’s verified.

2. She’s not that into food

I introduced her to solids a couple days before she turned 6 months. Baby biscuits and teething biscuits first. She would hold one in her pudgy fist, nibble a bit, then throw it on the floor. Normal.

Then we tried real solids. Gerber’s single grain rice cereal. The first time was awesome. She grabbed the spoon and tried to feed herself. She was all nom nom nom I’m so into this Mama yaaaaaas!

Second day, she was not. So after that I tried with other baby food:

  • Apple sauce – Meh.
  • Carrot and sweet potato – Hell no.
  • Pear – Hmmmm no.
  • Pear and apple – Let me think about it no.
  • Some fruit medley thing that I thought was delicious – NO.

3. I’m not producing enough milk

I’m not a very consistent pumper. Working full time and being the team lead of my awesome little department, it takes a lot of my hours every day. Plus, there isn’t a place to really pump. I’ve been sneaking in sessions in the bathroom, which is not so cool but… You gotta do what you gotta do.

My milk has been decreasing.

Aisha takes formula of course. Fed is best. But still. I feel guilty all the time.

So where do we go from here?

Adding butter and fat in all her food. Make every morsel count!

I’ve been mixing butter with her rice and bread, olive oil with her pasta, more fat, ALL THE FAT!

Ok, seriously, this was the advice we got from the nurse. And I kinda love it. I wish I was on the Fat Aisha Diet. We shall see what happens from here. Fingers crossed!


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